DMS Air Conditioning Services

    • Replacements:¬†We at DMS AIR CO. will give you a full, free consultation, which will detail you in all the options available to you.
    • Custom Homes: Top quality, high efficiency systems can be custom designed for your home.
    • New Construction: We will install systems for new construction, and will even match the equipment and conditions of the site.
    • Air Cleaners: With all the new technology that is emerging today, we can attach filters to make your home a cleaner place to breathe.
    • Accessories: Thermostats, decorative grilles, humidifiers, electronic air cleaners, air balance & zoning, special controls.
    • Maintenance: Maintaining your system is of the utmost importance. At DMS AIR CO. we will perform routine maintenance and inspections on your systems.
    • Service Calls: We offer reliable, prompt services, available for dispatch 7 days a week

DMS Air Co., Service agreements save you money by restoring efficiency, preventing inconvenient break downs and extending the life of your equipment. You can get the same maintenance without a service agreement, but it costs more. With a service agreement, the service is scheduled during slow periods, so you receive a discounted rate. In addition, you also save on emergency service all year round.

DMS Air Co., Provides you with a quick accurate diagnosis for repair and or service required, always using the best quality, top of the line equipment at competitive pricing.