The Importance and Why Your A/C System Needs Service

Central air conditioning systems are sensitive and complicated machinery. During our summer months heat waves they run nearly constantly. (Running your A/C 24/7 for two months is equal to driving your vehicle four hours a day every day of the year!) Combined with grass clippings, dirt, animals, rain and bugs, it’s no wonder they need proper routine scheduled maintenance servicing. A study conducted at a State University found that a tune-up like DMS Air CO. could have saved homeowners an average of up to $30 each month on their electric bills.

DMS Air CO. Expert Service – Here for You

DMS Air Conditioning offers annual service plans that ensure that you will be reminded of the need to service your unit at the beginning of the heating (Winter) and cooling (Summer) seasons.

All equipment even the most reliable needs routine maintenance. Complicated equipment like today’s air conditioners benefit in many ways from routine quarterly and annual service. They recover much of their loss efficiency, they are also less likely to suffer major break downs, and they have a longer life span. The best part is that they increase your comfort and it will cost you less money to operate. With our service plan, you’re guaranteed true DMS AIR CO service, every day of the year – even at the busiest times.